The Mission

The Amala Foundation unites youth from all walks of life and empowers them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity. Develope an app that will be used as a vehicle to reach the younger generation and inform them about the programs and services that the Amala Foundation provides.


Color Palette




User Map


Icon Set


The icon set for the Amala Foundation app uses thick lines with rounded ends to make the icons look uniform. They also use two weights for the lines, a thicker line for the outline and a thinner line for the details. Each icon also has an opening in it in order to show the Amala Foundations openness to diversity.


Paper Prototypes


Mobile User Flow


On the log in screen for the app, you get the option to login or create a profile, but also allows you to "skip for now" in order to browse events without committing to a profile. The profile will be used to keep track of registered Amala events and participate in the apps forum. On the home screen, there is a description of what the Amala Foundation is about and four buttons that the user can use to begin with.


The drop down menu in the upper left corner provides the remainder of the options, which incorporates most of the icons developed for the app. On the Events page, it shows events for the Amala Foundation and which group the event is for. There is also an option to filter the events by group or by date.


After choosing an event to participate in, the app takes you through the registration process. The process is broken up in six different parts, General, Culture, Parent/ Guardian, two pages of Your Voice, and tuition, to make the process feel shorter. It also provides "bread crumbs" on the top of the pages to show how much is left before they finish. Finally, the process ends with a Thank you page, which allows you to share the event on social media or return home or to the events page.